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Public Safety

Public safety is a primary concern for residents of Clark County. Property crime and motor vehicle theft are up in 2023. Safe neighborhoods, safe schools, and safe parks will be my number one priority. As a career police officer, I’ve spent 20-years working on the front lines and will use my vast experience to improve our community’s safety. As a Clark County Commissioner, I will work to ensure our police are well funded and supported by making sure their work environment is healthy and morale is high.

Responsible Growth

Growth needs to be well-planned, efficient, and respectful of existing neighborhoods. Neighbors should have a voice in new development that impacts their lifestyle and quality of life when they have made a conscious decision to live in a particular neighborhood. As a Clark County Commissioner, I will work with developers and the community to arrive at win-win solutions to growth and development.


A strong and resilient economy is one that is diversified and places great importance on small businesses. 80% of the Clark County economy is founded in the small business sector. I will work to bring new and innovative jobs to Clark County; however, I will not give away your tax dollars to new business and industry unless the Rate of Return to the taxpayer is substantial and outperforms the initial fiscal incentive.

Open/Transparent Government

Clark County government has a reputation for a lack of transparency and community interaction. This needs to change as transparency is more important now than ever. Transparency ensures government agencies are accountable to the community they serve. As a Clark County Commissioner, I will demand the county be transparent and allow the public access to public information.

Affordable Housing/Housing

Addressing affordable housing needs is a crucial aspect of any political candidacy. I will work toward a deep understanding of the affordable housing crisis in our community. I will emphasize my commitment to working collaboratively with various stakeholders, including other local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, developers, and community members. I will create partnerships to leverage resources and expertise to tackle the issue collectively.


Homelessness is a problem that impacts every city and county in Southern Nevada. I support both public and private efforts to serve the homeless and ultimately assist in providing housing and medical services to those in need. As a Clark County Commissioner, I will also be looking for innovative and affordable solutions that have worked in other parts of the country and or the world.
Tom Wagner County Commissioner District C
6605 Grand Montecito Pkwy Suite 100-3b
Las Vegas, NV 89149

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